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Spring break in Tokyo

I have done a good job of staying alive for 30 years now and was awarded with a visit from my parents in Tokyo, not too far from Vietnam. Japan will always be close to me as the first stop of my small adventure around Asia. It introduced me to many things I am grateful to, such as the obvious stuff like meeting new friends, travel, experience cultures etc., but I also found some clear short term direction of what do to in the next upcoming years.

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Hong Kong

April updates: I am still living in Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City. I have been thinking for a while now about getting my 2nd Hong Kong post up. As it is Monday today it means I am on an extreme blog mode, us usual. It also means I have to go to work. In Vietnam people normally work on a classic Monday to Friday schedule (while some companies still work half Saturdays). Monday mornings (and all other mornings besides Sunday’s) routinely starts with my personal wake up alarm – the kindergarden outside the building that blasts music on 120 db (no kidding!) playing for the whole city district at 7 AM in the morning.

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Hiking in Hong Kong

As the majority at the people who visits Hong Kong escaped the city crowd for some hiking. It was end of December and, as in most parts of the world, people were out in the nature to do their final hiking before Christmas. Young kids sang songs about the Finish Santa Claus all around us while we were on our way to master the peak of Man On Shan – the mega mountain north east of Hong Kong.

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Travel in Vietnam – Dalat

Christmas is around the corner. In Vietnam one can get some hints by finding x-mas decoration outside and inside shopping malls, bars and restaurants – everyone is getting pumped up for the big event, even our office got a magnificent five meters tree installed in the lobby. Snow is unfortunately, or logically, not around the corner. The weather is still warm and pleasant in HCMC, but there is a possibility to experience colder wither by travel ling to Dalat, a hill station 320 km away.

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Proud member of District 4

Getting used to moving around by now. My first experience involved moving 1 km from my parents house to my own apartment when I was 20 years old. After that I took the big step and moved from the country-side to a (“big”) Swedish city (i.e. the size of a Chinese village). Later it was time to move between continents and countries.

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Arriving in Ho Chi Minh City

After some silence, the blog will be updated a bit more frequently from now on as I just moved to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Besides my only life purpose of writing blog (or making promises that I will write), my other priorities are to learn to become an expert scooter driver, eat Vietnamese food, apply sun screen, preach about Sweden, and work. Well, work is the main business, besides Swedish ethnocentrism, and I start already in less than 48 hours