Arriving in Ho Chi Minh City

After some silence, the blog will be updated a bit more frequently from now on as I just moved to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Besides my only life purpose of writing blog (or making promises that I will write), my other priorities are to learn to become an expert scooter driver, eat Vietnamese food, apply sun screen, preach about Sweden, and work. Well, work is the main business, besides Swedish ethnocentrism, and I start already in less than 48 hours


Global comparison – is Sweden too expensive?

I was a bit disappointed when I realised a ticket to the latest Hobbit movie cost near 25 USD in Sweden. Apparently it is a blockbuster and together with fancy 3D glasses there are no reasons not to milk out as much as possible. A “normal” movie on a rainy Monday morning is only around 18 USD. I had to go to Numbeo and compare a few worldwide cinema ticket prices to find out that tickets in Stockholm (Sweden) are among the highest in the world, being beaten by just a few other cities.


India in motion – video blog

I once tried to turn more life into my Indian stories and pictures through an attempt to record a video blog. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I put the project on ice for around two years now finally having a public release. The core of the movie is me feeling lost somewhere in an IT park outside Bangalore charing some experiences around what I do at work, how I like my new city, and India in general. Well, that was the message of the original recording which I have now edited pretty heavily to make it less undiplomatic and more captivating.


Top 5 Asian countries I have lived in

The Exotic or the Familiar? The Exotic is a world of knowledge, wisdom, and insight. It is a mental attack, challenging the Brain of Familiarity 1.0, where theory is put into practise. The Familiar is safety shooting down risks to restore harmony and to avoid cognitive dissonance. Exposure to something exotic, aka unfamiliar, is an opportunity (or threat to many) to magically transform something exotic to familiar, but that is a personal choice.


Kuala Lumpur – Home sweet home

I grew up on the Swedish countryside, in a small town, lots of nature, few people, one time a couple of big moose’s walked into our garden, I thought I would be a professional football player one day, remember I was scared of the forest keeper, in winter time we threw snowballs at his window, he didn’t deserve it, he was a nice old man. A typical peaceful Swedish childhood without any stress or worries. Norway never attacks, in the summers the water is sometimes too cold for swimming, complaining about low salaries because cannot afford taking the family to Greece while only having one house and two cars,


Travel in Malaysia – Langkawi

Yes! 6 months in Malaysia today. Was an insane increase in blog traffic from the last fitness post which made me think about what people really would be interested to read about. If I am not wrong the gym post from Japan was gladly enjoyed among my hardcore followers from Sweden (yes, back in the days I did not explore the English language). Well, after hard work (out) people deserve some rest and a proper holiday. Malaysia is a multiethnic country and that means plenty of extra holidays for everyone.


How to stay fit as an expat – drug free for over 1.5 years

Time to make a post about how to stay fit when being an expat maintaining your (six) pack 365 days a year no matter where you go. The post will be, and has to be, subjective but might guide some lost people around the stress of moving away from home and for my parents to know if I am okay. I just write a few bullet points if you are not interested in my life story below.


Cayberjaya – the paradise of Malaysia

In the weekdays I go to work. Or more precisely – I travel to work. I have to travel because my office is not located in Kuala Lumpur as I first thought when it was told I would work in Kuala Lumpur. No, I work in Cyberjaya. That name reminds of some kind of place were the cyborgs from hell  came to rebuild their new home planet after slaying all human life on earth. Previously the name Cyberjaya was referred as Cyberjungle for the reason it was just jungle before the Malaysian government decided to build up a massive IT park over there, alike Electronic City and Hitech City in Bangalore respectively Hyderbad….