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Review of 2013 and New Years in Vietnam

New Year arrived to East Asia today. For every past 4 years I have found myself being greeted by the first sunrise of the new year in yet another part of Asia not knowing where to end up the next time. It’s an interesting place to be. I mostly like it here. It is not like an ongoing wonderful dream that never will wake you up. When one is awake there is work, health, and social life to cake care of – in a cultural context. Move from Sweden and get new a life, friends and loved ones while make sure that people still have you as a Facebook friend the day you go back.

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From complaining towards entertaining – moving abroad and Japan nostalgia

Two years back I found myself fighting with chopsticks, blaming bureaucracy, and crying at food menu’s with lack of protein. I had arrived and settled down in a small seaside town in south of Japan called Beppu that is well-known for being the most famous hot spring resort in the country and for an university which boasts the most diverse student bodies in all of Asia. I slowly increased my ability to pick up pieces of rice with the wooden sticks, not trying to freak up by all authority obsessed guards, and imported 20 kilos of protein powder to subsidize for the rice.

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Internship in Sweden for international students

Sweden might not be the first choice among graduated international students who are planning to find something interesting to put on their CV. But it might be a strategic good choice to look up north when Sweden will suffer from a major talent shortage in the next three years.

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2011 in review at Alishan mountain, Taiwan

The blogging year of 2011 has sadly declined into permanent stagnation but a new exciting year is slowly rising and it will (hopefully) bring lots of  new posts. Let me briefly explain what happened in 2011, a year when I moved from Japan, to Sweden, to Taiwan, to Korea, and finally back to Taiwan.