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Travel in Vietnam – Dalat

Christmas is around the corner. In Vietnam one can get some hints by finding x-mas decoration outside and inside shopping malls, bars and restaurants – everyone is getting pumped up for the big event, even our office got a magnificent five meters tree installed in the lobby. Snow is unfortunately, or logically, not around the corner. The weather is still warm and pleasant in HCMC, but there is a possibility to experience colder wither by travel ling to Dalat, a hill station 320 km away.

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Review of 2013 and New Years in Vietnam

New Year arrived to East Asia today. For every past 4 years I have found myself being greeted by the first sunrise of the new year in yet another part of Asia not knowing where to end up the next time. It’s an interesting place to be. I mostly like it here. It is not like an ongoing wonderful dream that never will wake you up. When one is awake there is work, health, and social life to cake care of – in a cultural context. Move from Sweden and get new a life, friends and loved ones while make sure that people still have you as a Facebook friend the day you go back.

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Travel in Vietnam – HCMC and Mui Ne

I thought for a long time about if I should start to blog again on my blog, this blog. Sometimes my mood reflects my motivation to share my life experiences outside Sweden (or Switzerland as the general innocent “Asian” will understand it). Today my mood is decent because it is Saturday and the thunder clouds in the horizon are rapidly building up a fully expected attack at the only lighting conductor near by, that is my house and that means house arrest for the next couple of hours, which leads to me blogging my time off.

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Vietnam – Saigon and Vung Tau

Vietnam was a last minute call after deciding if I should stay a few extra days in Malaysia or head back to Bangkok to wait for my return flight back to India. I had a few friends in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), former Saigon, and thought it could be interesting to see what it looks like over there. One of my friends steadily repeated that I would not like and that it is just the same as India. That was completely wrong and I loved my five days of stay inside and around HCMC.