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Seoul – Zoo, Lantern Festival, Hiking, and Museums

A sample of the last pictures from Korea. My storage space is unfortunately full at the moment so I could not upload all the pictures I wanted. Anyway, the following pictures are from the amazing and annual lantern festival in Seoul, from Seoul national Zoo located around 45 minutes outside the central city, a fantastic hiking trail just near the palace areas, and lastly some pictures from one of the museums around town.

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Dog dinner and driving Korean police car

After learning basic dog meat (gǒu ròu) conversations in the Chinese class I soon got very fascinated about the idea of eating dogs. Dog could be found on the menu in Taiwan until recently. Pressure from animal welfare groups led the Taiwanese government to ban the sale of dog meat in 2001. The message was not clear enough and later in 2007 a new law was implemented significantly increasing the fines of selling dog meat. The consequence meant no dog this time for me, even if rumors says that slaughtering and consumption of dog still exist on the island.

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Seoul Int. Aerospace & Defense Exhibition

My room mate Olov have important and friendly contacts here in Korea that could provide us with free tickets to the 2011 Aerospace and Defense Expo. 300 exhibitors from 30 different countries, including Sweden, participated to promote their products and services for hungry buyers or innocent visitors. The atmosphere was easy going with children running around and standing in lines to try the latest mass destruction device from Samsung and fairly interesting air shows were running every minute.

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Travel in South Korea – Back in Busan

One more short visit to Busan occurred about a month ago to visit another friend coming all the way from Taiwan. It opened for opportunities to see some new areas of the city, hurray! The first destination was the airport. To get there I had to take the subway and then the public bus. A disadvantage for Koreans in the indirect service business of driving a bus is to communicate with dislocated foreigners like myself. I faced major problems to correspond with the bus driver about the way to the airport.

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South Korea – Marathon, Baseball, Korean Folk Village

Me and a few friends signed up for running a marathon in Seoul. For those who are not professional athletes there where many options of marathons: half-marathon, quarter-marathon, and eight-part marathon. For us a half-marathon was enough, for me a quarter-marathon turned out to be perfect. That means I failed to run the half-marathon, I was slightly cold. To celebrate no one got injured we went to a spa afterwards and later a to see a baseball game. The team in Seoul was playing against a team from Incheon, a team better on the paper. It was a bad quality game, slow, very long, but a fun experience to watch. LG Twins from Seoul won the game with 4-3, great.

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A day in Seoul – Naksam Park, Bukchon Hanok Village, and Seoul Tower

Time to load up with pictures from the past days or weeks. Majority the pictures comes from Naksam Park, Bukchon Hanok Village, and Seoul Tower. Enjoy

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Travel in South Korea – Chuseok in Busan

It was Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving, a week ago. That meant no class until Thursday and a chance for me to go to Busan and visit two Japanese friends. Busan is the next biggest city in Korea located south east next to the sea and the has the fifth largest port in the world. The city is also famous for their many beaches, especially in the summer time. If you like me get the high speed train it takes about three hours to travel there. And if you take the slow train, like I also did on the way back because all the other trains where full booked, expect a six hours long and exciting train ride back to Seoul.

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Hiking in Seoul, Dobong Mt.

Me and a gang of exchange students went to have a relaxing hike at Dodong mountain. Just a dozen of stops north east from Hyeawa  is Dobongsan station where the fun begins. If you forgot to bring your hiking/climbing equipment then you do not have to panic. From the metro station to the start of the hike there is about 50+ shops for outdoor clothing. The Koreans were dressed up for giving Mt. Everest a challenge but our sarcastic jokes was not as funny anymore when it was time to find the highest peak of the mountain.

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Study in Korea and Seoul for the rest of the year

A new fresh start of the blog with the first post from Korea and Seoul. I have been here for two weeks now trying to collect photos, sing up for courses, and eat a lot of spicy food.

A few expressions and newly experiences about Korea so far is that the weather is pretty cool compared to the extreme weather in Taiwan. Korean food is spicy, spicy and you almost always need to be more then one person when you go out to eat because the big majority of the dishes are for two people or more. The variety on the menu is often limited to just one or maybe a few dishes if you go to a Korean restaurant.

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Seoul, Part 2

Då var det dags för del 2. Några dagar försenad blev den. Jag har gjort massa andra saker och inte hunnit blogga. Det är psykiskt påfrestande och jag har varit omotiverad. Skärpning på mig. Nu börjar jag skriva!

En snabb resumé från del 1: Seoul är Syd-Koreas huvudstad. Det tar kortare tid att flyga dit än att ta 300 bussen från Skene till Göteborg. Vill du förflytta dig mellan längre sträckor så är taxi att föredra då det är billigt och smidigt. Boende kostar lite och är du ute i god tid så kan du få ett väldigt centralt läge.