Blog from Singapore

What to do when your passport will expire? Buy a new one. What to do when your passport expires and you live in Malaysia? Buy a new one, in Singapore, and pay 5 times more than in Sweden. Maybe this was minor thinking misconception or an excuse to go to Singapore. Anyway you need a passport that is valid more than 6 months to travel abroad and I applied for my new one the day before the 6 months started, and came back to Malaysia the day before it was too late. Malaysia cannot process passport so Singapore was the closest option for me.


First time Singapore

Singapore is awesome. A small city-state with a vibrant modern mix consisting of east and west, old and new, cheap and expensive, yes almost everything one can ask for. It almost felt unreal being there coming from India and later Thailand. Passing by residential areas on the way from the airport to the city center felt like I watched a Swedish scenery from the window, excluding the 30 degree hot and beautiful weather. I later found myself surrounded by skyscrapers in the commercial districts (that could have come from Tokyo or New York) just a few steps away from China Town and the narrow picturesque streets in a south european restaurant area.