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Faces of India – Video blog

Photography has become a fairly popular hobby in recent years. When I was younger the hobby felt a little bit nerdy. The cool kids in school didn’t crave taking beautiful pictures of themselves in history class, of the food in the canteen, or together with the baleful janitor. These kids, including me, was not aware of the fun future with digital cameras, camera phones, and smartphones. A vicious circle of increased technological innovations, trends, demand, supply, Instagram accounts etc. has evolved the way people interpret and use photography into their daily lives.

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India in motion – video blog

I once tried to turn more life into my Indian stories and pictures through an attempt to record a video blog. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I put the project on ice for around two years now finally having a public release. The core of the movie is me feeling lost somewhere in an IT park outside Bangalore charing some experiences around what I do at work, how I like my new city, and India in general. Well, that was the message of the original recording which I have now edited pretty heavily to make it less undiplomatic and more captivating.

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Nightmare Train Ride

When the words “Indian trains” are being discussed the main topic easily lands on how crowded they are or how to get a ticket where one can enjoy a +24 hours ride without feeling uncomfortable. Just by googling “Trains India” the window will show some astonishing and interesting pictures of trains more looking like a gigantic monster cyborg – a puzzled mix between man and machine.

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The review of India

Finally the day has come for me to pack my bags and leave India who hosted me for a nearly one year time and engraved tons of amazing and frustrating memories to my life’s timeline. My experience in India is completely subjective and the perception of this country which refers to this review is only from my, but only my, perspective and my opinions. If I am wrong or someone else thinks different it is not applicable. Don’t be scared by the harsh opening, I will do my best to be nice and honest.

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Travel in India – Kerala

Finally some updates from Linus. He has not uploaded his blog in ages and doesn’t feel bad about it. To please hungry readers he decided to go to Kerala to have a reason to blog. The trip was indeed pleasant including cheap but low-quality cashew nuts, everlasting rides in buses, and incredible astonishing nature.

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Travel in India – Udaipur

I found myself inside an eccentric delusion between dream and reality last night waking up having an urgent need to look for what was missing next to my bed. I was sitting straight up for 10 everlasting seconds not realizing what I was impatiently trying to find. Then my rationale finally started to operate and recognized I had not become insane, just some kind of hallucinations playing tricks with my sleepy head.

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Travel in India – Jaipur

So I have been to the capital of Rajisthan, Jaipur, where 3.1 million people hang out in the desert together with a few 100 million camels. Spent a couple of days there to mainly shop Indian stuff and to have a look at temples. From previous experience in Agra of renting an Indian guy to take us around the city in his rickshaw we again had our own guide/taxi driver for two days. It made things probably 100 times more conveinient and efficient. It is damn cheap if you bargain for a few minutes so all lost or unprepared tourist should consider this option.

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Travel in India – Agra and Taj Mahal

I achieved at least 10+ culture experience points after a daily visit to Agra and Taj Mahal. I did my job: bought a High Value Ticket to pass the 2 hours long Indian line in 2 minutes, took a plenty of good-to-go tourist photos, was forced by Indian’s to take around 1000 me-and-my-best-friend-from-Sweden photos, did an outstanding cartwheel outside the mens toilet, and rode back to my personal rickshaw driver on a camel while pretending to be a dwarf.

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Travel in India – Tiger Safari and Nainital

When I was 22 I had to decide if I wanted to go to university or become a full-time tiger hunter. After realizing there are no wild tigers in Sweden the first option suddenly sounded rational. Still I hoped that I one day would find myself running berserk in the deep and scary jungle with my machete and fully loaded air-gun eagerly looking for big cats.

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Travel in India – Rishikesh

Let me share some experiences of the Indian buses, or the bus/travel system. It is totally chaotic and indeed terrible, most of the time. There are barely no street addresses in the country which leads to problematic orientation. Luckily when you buy a ticket there will be a landmark, such as New Delhi Station. Unluckily New Delhi Station might be pretty massive and have around 500 buses arriving and departing every hour in an area of 1000 square meters.