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2011 in review at Alishan mountain, Taiwan

The blogging year of 2011 has sadly declined into permanent stagnation but a new exciting year is slowly rising and it will (hopefully) bring lots of  new posts. Let me briefly explain what happened in 2011, a year when I moved from Japan, to Sweden, to Taiwan, to Korea, and finally back to Taiwan. 

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Korean education system: a lack of critical thinking?

What is the latest news from Korea? Actually I am now living in Taipei since two days ago and I am probably five posts behind. But the short and intense semester is finally over and I have more time to produce something creative. Being creative in the school bench in Korea (at least at Sungkyunkwan University) was more than easy.

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Study in Korea and Seoul for the rest of the year

A new fresh start of the blog with the first post from Korea and Seoul. I have been here for two weeks now trying to collect photos, sing up for courses, and eat a lot of spicy food.

A few expressions and newly experiences about Korea so far is that the weather is pretty cool compared to the extreme weather in Taiwan. Korean food is spicy, spicy and you almost always need to be more then one person when you go out to eat because the big majority of the dishes are for two people or more. The variety on the menu is often limited to just one or maybe a few dishes if you go to a Korean restaurant.