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Honeymoon in Bali

bali beach

I think Bali was one of those exotic places I heard about as a kid that gave me and my Nordic citizens something to dream about during the long winters. A paradise far away with palm trees, sunlight, and no snow. Apparently the rumour has now spread around the world and Bali host more than 3 million tourists a year. What that means is that you will not feel like Indiana Jones when you wander around the island to find your secret temple. But hey, don’t let it stop you. Bali is a typical honeymoon island and built around comfortability and relaxation. You get all the nice weather, beaches, food, culture, and entertainment you need.

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Cambodia in 10 days

The Kingdom of Cambodia, once the might Khmer Empire, deserves a visit from each and everyone around the world. I wonder if The Kingdom of Sweden deserves a visit. We have the historical meatballs of IKEA and the royal clothes of H&M, but those stuff can be found everywhere. What is not to be found everywhere is one of the Seven Wonders of the World – Angkor Wat. Even if Angkor Wat is fulfilling the requirements for a trip of a lifetime there are more reasons to spend time around the small country with its big history.

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Faces of India – Video blog

Photography has become a fairly popular hobby in recent years. When I was younger the hobby felt a little bit nerdy. The cool kids in school didn’t crave taking beautiful pictures of themselves in history class, of the food in the canteen, or together with the baleful janitor. These kids, including me, was not aware of the fun future with digital cameras, camera phones, and smartphones. A vicious circle of increased technological innovations, trends, demand, supply, Instagram accounts etc. has evolved the way people interpret and use photography into their daily lives.

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A weekend in Dubai – sand and steel

The worlds tallest building Burj Khalifa stretches itself out if my periphery not being able to fit completely into the lens of my  poor camera. It feels surreal looking up on the monstrous tower surrounded by skyscrapers that appears like small houses in comparison. The same surreality absorbs me as I explore some of the touristic hot spots in Dubai over a short weekend.

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Global comparison – is Sweden too expensive?

I was a bit disappointed when I realised a ticket to the latest Hobbit movie cost near 25 USD in Sweden. Apparently it is a blockbuster and together with fancy 3D glasses there are no reasons not to milk out as much as possible. A “normal” movie on a rainy Monday morning is only around 18 USD. I had to go to Numbeo and compare a few worldwide cinema ticket prices to find out that tickets in Stockholm (Sweden) are among the highest in the world, being beaten by just a few other cities.

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Linus Goes Japanese – Video Blog

My super old blog title “Linus Goes Japanese” was created with a hypothesis that the new environment in Japan could have an impact on my personality, like Anakin Skywalker when meeting his new friends from the Death Star or something.  Based on the cover of the above video it could be understood that some (dark) forces took part in a radical change where I now fully dress up in Japanese cosplay costumes. It never went too far and I still feel like as I was born out of an IKEA box.

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India in motion – video blog

I once tried to turn more life into my Indian stories and pictures through an attempt to record a video blog. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I put the project on ice for around two years now finally having a public release. The core of the movie is me feeling lost somewhere in an IT park outside Bangalore charing some experiences around what I do at work, how I like my new city, and India in general. Well, that was the message of the original recording which I have now edited pretty heavily to make it less undiplomatic and more captivating.

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Top 5 Asian countries I have lived in

The Exotic or the Familiar? The Exotic is a world of knowledge, wisdom, and insight. It is a mental attack, challenging the Brain of Familiarity 1.0, where theory is put into practise. The Familiar is safety shooting down risks to restore harmony and to avoid cognitive dissonance. Exposure to something exotic, aka unfamiliar, is an opportunity (or threat to many) to magically transform something exotic to familiar, but that is a personal choice.