I have done a good job of staying alive for 30 years now and was awarded with a visit from my parents in Tokyo, not too far from Vietnam. Japan will always be close to me as the first stop of my small adventure around Asia. It introduced me to many things I am grateful to, such as the obvious stuff like meeting new friends, travel, experience cultures etc., but I also found some clear short term direction of what do to in the next upcoming years.

This was the third visit to Tokyo and the first time in almost five years. More sightseeing and exploring compared to before, even though I visited many places for a second time it still felt refreshing coming back after a long break. It was also the beginning of the Sakura season (cherry blossom) meaning the parks were filled with people having picnic and polishing their selfie sticks… including me.

What else? After being in Vietnam for quite some time now Tokyo felt very quiet, yet so crowded with people. Tokyo is also just enormous and packaged with anything you want to do (robot restaurants exists for real). Ho Chi Minh city felt very easy going during a long time, but culturally wise it falls very short to a metropolitan such as Tokyo (well, no surprise). Maybe why it feels so refreshing to travel, see something new, other perspectives, etc.

Even if all my trips have been special in their own way I was glad to have my parents to come all the way from Europe to visit one of my old host countries, and one of my very most favourite one. I could also meet up with old friends that I have not seen in very long time either (including a Japanese “home stay”).

There are obligatory photos attached for reference. This time I had bulked up with two different cameras to get the most out of the photo trip. Unfortunately the main SD card was lost. Fortunately my dad had his own equipment has been nice to share his clicks below. You can find more at gatufotografier.com.

more tower view
Overview of Tokyo from Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills.
japan face mask
People getting ready for work (and for not getting sick) near Shinjuku station.
tokyo metro crowded
Never experienced any overcrowded trains, this was kind of as close as it got.
japanese breakfast_
Business breakfast Japanese stylish style.
japanese teenage girls
On the main street in Harajaku, which is the center of Japan’s most extreme teenage cultures and fashion styles. Great for shoppinggggg.
sakura gosplay
Okay, we are in Ueno park to check out the Sakura blossom. We also found strange looking Japanese people around, such as these.
sakura japan
We were one week to early for the full cherry blossom, but at least there were some nice flowers around Shinjuku Gyoen park.
Meguro River sakura
At the Meguro River in south west of Tokyo one can experience some amazing cherry blossom covering the whole river and white and pink.
sakura drink
Sunday 2 PM cherry-blossom-rose-wine drinking in Japan.

Sensoji Temple Sensoji Temple is very popular Buddhist temple located in Asakusa. Should be anyones top list when visiting Tokyo.

shinjuku lights night
Night lights around Shinjuku.
fish tokyo
Visiting Tokyo fish market. Huge, huge market. Visit in now before the Summer Olympics, as the market will move permanently to another area and lose some of its historical charm.
big fish tokyo
Note, this fish (including eyes) is huge!
amazing sushi tokyo
Queuing for 45 minutes to get a table at the bar together with 10 other hungry people. One of the best sushi I’ve had in a long time.
best sushi in tokyo
One photo cannot describe how well the sushi tasted that day.
japan drums
Sake barrels near Yoyogi park.
flower tokeo
Strolling around Hamariukyu Gardens.
yoyogi park gate
Back to Yoyogi park again. Actually a great place to visit due to its huge trees, temples, and torii gates.
sakura shinjuku park
Some more flowerful pics from Shinjuki Gyoen park.
japan office space
Are there lots of office building in Tokyo? Yes there are, but not all of them have people working until late night.

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