April updates: I am still living in Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City. I have been thinking for a while now about getting my 2nd Hong Kong post up. As it is Monday today it means I am on an extreme blog mode, us usual. It also means I have to go to work. In Vietnam people normally work on a classic Monday to Friday schedule (while some companies still work half Saturdays). Monday mornings (and all other mornings besides Sunday’s) routinely starts with my personal wake up alarm – the kindergarden outside the building that blasts music on 120 db (no kidding!) playing for the whole city district at 7 AM in the morning. Now this is luckily not a problem anymore due to me living in my flat mates old room, which kind of has no windows but instead is dead quiet. Being forced to wake up early is not an issue anymore and I can wake up by the alarm of my phone, good for me, good for me.

About Hong Kong – the first one was about hiking in the mountains and this one covers hiking in the city. I have some photos below. This city lands somewhere on top of my list of all developed ‘Asian’ cities I have been to. Above Singapore, but probably just below Tokyo, Seoul, and Taipei. What is to like about Hong Kong is that it is easy to get out of the city and enjoy the smaller towns and villages (and mountains, beaches, islands, yes), and it takes just 30 min to 1 hour to get somewhere more peaceful. It would also be a great choice to work and settle for sometime due to its competitiveness and standard of living. Coming back to Hong Kong for sure. By the way, there are some places to shop clothes too.. and to eat delicious Hong Kong food.

On the tram, on the Hong Kong Island. Kind of ‘typical’ Hong Kong feeling over there including all the financial districts and skyscrapers. Sitting on the tram (the tram is nice)
hong kong street
I am still on the Hong Kong Island taking pictures of the street. 
hong kong people
This should be around Mong Kok in the Kowloon District. Me and lots of tourists looking at cheap and overpriced souvenirs. Maybe no need to go there
maid hong kong
It was Sunday and Sunday means the nannies have free time in Hong Kong to enjoy outside.
Tung Po Seafood
Food time. The blurry guy in the left corner was some celebrity who danced around the tables with his guests. Please note the stack of 20 speakers blasting out wonderful and romantic (not) music
squid ink hong kong
Squid + squid inc. Never tried before but glad I did.
dim sum hk
Should kind of not at all go to Hong Kong without eating ‘dim sum’. This traditional Chinese Canton cuisine is prepared as small bite-sized portions of food traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates.
dim sum hong kong
Just keep on order a few baskets of dim sum dishes
pig dim sum
pinapple caje hong kong ineapple Buns. Also known as boh loh baau. Very sweet. You cannot eat 20
beer hong kong
Hong Kong beer served in small bowls. Correct.
hong kong mountain train
New day and time to take old tram to Victoria’s Peak where one can get a great view over Hong Kong. This is actually from the way down as the queue up was long enough for anyone with a life to live to not step into. Instead we took a bus up, and waited in the queue down for 10 minutes.
hong kong the peak 2
At Victoria’s Peak in Hong Kong. The view is good
lohas park le prestige
About apartments in Hong Kong: these are pretty tall in general. Like 70 floors or something. My friend lived on the 56th floor and was still not among the any of the cool penthouse guys.
metro hong kong
Hong Kong is developed enough to have a extensive Mass Transit Railway (MTR) system in place. Opened in 1979, the system now includes 218.2 km of rail with 155 stations, including 87 railway stations and 68 light rail stops. If you soon in to the back of the picture you can see one guy throwing up in the trash can. Besides that it is clean, very clean.
hong kong mtr
Not too crowded in the metro during my visit.
war game hong kong2
Played some ‘War Game’ during my visit. These gun shooting paintballs without any paint. Can hurt you. Got shot in my forehead and blood all over my face.
hong kong night
The sky scrapers are still there during the night.
hotel hong kong
Christmas atmosphere in Hong Kong.
hong kong time square
Around area called ‘Times Square’. Easy to meet new people there.
bar street hong kong
Some bar area around Hong Kong Island.
hong kong skyscraper
The evil X-tower in central Hong Kong
hong kong island
In Sweden we have a special day when we eat ‘Semlor’, special sweets and the day is called ‘Semmel day).
hong kong skyline
Similar skyline to my hometown Skene in Sweden.

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