As the majority at the people who visits Hong Kong escaped the city crowd for some hiking. It was end of December and, as in most parts of the world, people were out in the nature to do their final hiking before Christmas. Young kids sang songs about the Finish Santa Claus all around us while we were on our way to master the peak of Man On Shan – the mega mountain north east of Hong Kong.

Arriving in Hong Kong. So the big buildings are there, lots of people, looks developed too, all good. Next morning. Taking bus out of the city, climbing up the mountain roads, passing by smaller towns, beaches appears below, tons of islands near the shore. The change feels great and just a 20 minutes bus ride from Tseung Kwan O and one is relatively speaking in the countryside.

What about the weather? It is “cold” in December and it felt like a being in Sweden during spring. Still, the weather makes it perfect for walking around the small mountains around Man on Shan. We took the bus to Sai Kung and from there a taxi to the start off one if the many hiking trails that leads to the MacLehouse Trail – a 100km long trail that crosses some major parts of the Hong Kong area. Not to forget, Hong Kong exists of around 3/4 of countrysides including beaches and rocky foreshores, woodlands and mountain ranges covered by open grassland.

The hike itself was great and lasted for around 6 hours and covered approximately 6-7 kilometers. The goal was Man On Shan Peak, which is the prime target and highest peak around the MacLehouse Trail 4 (the part of the trail that we joined). The hike is not that advanced and anyone with healthy legs should be able to master the challenge. Bring enough of water and some calories and you will be fine.

Man On Shan Peak (702 meters above sea level) rewards any guest with the best panoramic view of the day. From there we decided to walk down the same way as we arrived, even if there are a couple of other options to choose. Amazing experience going down the trail as the afternoon soon was firing up the colours and shapes of the surrounding hills perfection. Compared to a sunset over a shopping street in central Hong Kong, this wins the prize. Recommend anyone to go and check it out.

bus hong kong
Journey started with a bus 20 minutes bus ride from Tesung Kwan O to Sai Kung
hong kong taxi
In Sai Kung we headed straight to the sea to take some epic photos and later took a taxi to the foot of the mountain
man on shan
Start of the climb to to Man On Shan Peak and some thousands stairs to begin with. No problem for strong Swedes
no cars allowed bush
Environment changed from staircases to jungle and rocks. Enthusiasm levels were 200%
no cars allowed sign
Our taxi only made it this far.
no cars allowed cow
Be careful. There are wild mountain cows running around the mountains in Hong Kong
no cars allowed nice
So far the hike was pretty chill and the view was getting better and better. Yet only walked 1/4 to the peak
maclehose trail
Thought we were lost until we saw the sign
pyramid hill
Over there is Pyramid Hill (536m) and our first real climb for the day. As you can see, most people camp over night to save energy for the next day. We did not.
man on shan crazy
Traffic jam on the way up to Pyramid Hill. To avoid the rush hours you can climb at 2 AM in the morning
group photo
Can’t be better than this – a group picture on top of the monstrously high peak of Pyramid Peak. Just a few people make it every 10 minutes.
man on shan peak
On top of Pyramid Hill we could finally see our end destination, which is Man On Shan Peak at the very end of the picture
man on shan peak top
Big mountain getting bigger the closer we get.
man on shan steep
One step in the wrong direction and it’s game over
man on shan top
I was skipping the last 200 meters just to get ahead and take this photo of my fellowship who just reached the peak
man on shan view
702 meters above sea level and a pleasant panorama view over the northern party of Hong Kong.
man on shan china
If you open the picture and zoom in you can see Shenzhen (China) straight ahead. The light of KK100, a 441 meters tall skyscraper, should be visible in the horizon
man on shan danger
Time to walk back the same way for an additional 3 kilometers. No signs could stop us!
man on shan walk
Pro tip: acquire one or two high quality walking sticks
man on shan beautiful
Forgot to mention about the weather. When we started in the morning it was cloudy, including a few rainy clouds hovering around. But in the afternoon the sky shined up and welcomed us with some fantastic lighting.
flying hong kong
Hong Kong police flying around to make sure the crime ratio stays low outside HK city centre
great view
Peaceful time. If I lived in Hong Kong I wouldn’t back down for doing this every weekend
plant in hong kong
Nature pic of the day
mountain sightseeing
Great day for hiking.
sunset hongkong
The sun went down before we reached the foot of the mountain. For the last 20 minutes we fumbled around with our smartphone flashlights, while hoping no mountains cows would attack us.

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