Today was a very horrific day. It was not just because Saturday is leg day, solely including 30 deadly supersets in the gynaecology-machine as usual, but because I was almost burned to death while being trapped inside the gym (video). 

My inner tights were begging for mercy during superset number 28, when an overwhelming alarm from the outside disrupted the misery. I tried to force myself to the window with my bowed legs to figure out what excitement was going on outside. Through the window I could see two firetrucks entering the scene just outside the gym and my apartment (same building). Tons of firemen rushed out and immidiatley started to cascade water just on top of the floor where I was standing.

My first thought was to finish the last couple of supersets and later save myself and my favourite 150kg dumbbells, before the the place would turn into ashes. But to my surprise I realised that another guy had installed himself into my gynaecology-machine, being totally unaffected of the chaos outside. I had to change my plan. Instead I started to do gracious side jumps towards the dumbbell rack. It worked. I could feel the burn again and I screamed “LINUS!” as load as I could to push myself through the journey. People started to cheer enthusiastic around me and I managed to get my focus back.

One of my gym bro’s found me checking my Facebook status, just two meters away from the rack of dumbbells. He helped me the last couple of meters and I finally made it. At that time I was exhausted and decided to call it a day. While outside the firefighters just finished packing their stuff and were ready to leave. When I looked into the eyes of one of the brave fighters it reminded me of the time when I was a firefighter myself. In the eight grade I was selected among numerous of top students to become the new intern at the local fire department. It was a time of glory, but also hard work and tough challenges. I remembered that I one day brought Swedish chocolate balls for myself to eat during the week… but when I came back to work the other day someone had eaten almsot all of them. I still remember it as it was yesterday.

Don’t miss to check out the video of what happened

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