Getting used to moving around by now. My first experience involved moving 1 km from my parents house to my own apartment when I was 20 years old. After that I took the big step and moved from the country-side to a (“big”) Swedish city (i.e. the size of a Chinese village). Later it was time to move between continents and countries.

Fun and intense in the beginning. Still feels stimulating, while the intensity has slowed down a bit. In 2011 it was four countries and five accommodations. 2012, three countries including three accommodations and so on. Now in 2015 I target only Sweden and Vietnam, but I hope I do not have to move around in Vietnam any more this year. Still, I am a bit unsure as I decided to move in to a place that came with a few additional surprises.

HCMC is divided into some 24 districts, and most of them have been named by numbers not to confuse anyone. But it is confusing anyway as District 8 can be next to District 4, which can also be next to another district named after a name and not number. My office is located in District 4, which is also next to District 1 and District 7, meaning I had my aim locked at those areas. I contacted some people who needed a flatmate and took a taxi for a few hours to visit a few places until I felt satisfied. As a result I decided to rent a room in District 4 together with a Canadian and an Australian, 2 km away from work.

I am a bit surprised by the housing market in HCMC. The rent for a small room in the city goes for the same price as I would pay in Sweden, if not more, including a major drop in quality. For example, one day I come home to find my floor filled with water from the leaking ceiling. The noise reduction of the building is not the best either, as I can hear most of what is going on outside, even if we live on the top floor (14th). Oooh, and when I am still on my complaining streak –  at 6.45 AM every morning some 1000W speakers are shouting out children music, for one hour, to great the kids arriving to the kindergarden next to my apartment (sample song recorded and attached below). But I will get used to it, plus I have come of with some tactics to reduce the outside noise by installing three big fans next to the bed and my ears. Good night.

Recorded with my phone from my room on the 14th floor at 6.45 AM, windows closed.

Time for housing hunting. Had a taxi driver who took me around the city during 4 happy hours. Price around 30 USD.
Time for housing hunting. Had a taxi driver who took me around the city during 4 happy hours. Price around 30 USD.
apartment D4 HCMC
New home selected based on the following attributes: close to office, have gym, balcony, kitchen for cooking, nice room + ensuite bathroom
house saigon
That scary stair leads up to my place
apartment in vietnam
My room in focus, excluding bathroom and my 60kg 1995 Toshiba non-flat TV (true story)
These big boys (including mega big boy TV) is doing their best to filter away outside noise
balcony apartment hcmc
Our green balcony is amazingly nice
District 4 hcmc
District 1 across the river from District 4 where I live (District 1 is kind of the cool place, but I don’t want to live there, I belong to District 4 now and will fight for them until the end of days)
I fry 4 eggs every morning for breakfast
hatha fitness yoga
Besides some small shops, the apartment also host a gym. Gyms are a bit pricy over here and cost a 50-60 USD per month for the regular package, but they come with jacuzzi and saunas etc. Worth itttttt
Aaahhhh, apartment street. The area is relative empty and quiet for being Saigon. I have a BBQ restaurant and some smaller street food and coffee shops around. To reach a wider range of options I have to drive.

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