Time for island hopping in Malaysia. After months of consideration between how to rank the only three islands I visited I have finally reached a verdict. People who dislike stunning beaches, crystal clear water, and other island stuff, should stay away from this post.

Island map of Langkawi, Penang, and Redang
Island map of Langkawi, Penang, and Redang

1. Redang

The beach 10 meters from my bed
The beach 10 meters from my bed

So it turns out i like Redang. This is a typical paradise island packaged in white sandy beaches, tropical rain forests, and amazing coral reefs. You will stay at some resort next to the beach and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. The island has no airport and the only way to get it is by boat… of course. To avoid any stress around planning the logistics we bought a package including transportation from Kuala Lumpur, housing, activities etc. I would highly recommend to try out snorkling (if you have no diving licence) and visit some neighbouring islands. Everything is just great about Redang. You might get a bit disappointed if you are looking for crazy beach parties, but for everything else island-related the place is just perfect.

2. Penang

The Kek Lok Si Temple - the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia
The Kek Lok Si Temple – the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia

Penang is located around fours hours drive, or less than one hour flight, north of Kuala Lumpur. Compared to tiny Redang, Penang is quite big. It is actually home to the state of Penang which is one of the most developed and economically important states in the country, not to forget an attractive tourist destination. I have been to Penang twice and stayed both times in the most famous city – Georgetown. The city is simply fantastic. Located next to the sea it is famous for its local cuisine and historical heritage (food is indeed succulent). To further add to the list of superlatives, less than one hours drive from Georgetown and you are surrounded by palm trees tand never ending beaches.

3. Langkawi

No hard feelings but someone has to finish last. Similar to Penang I have also been to Langkawi a couple of times (one time, two times). It is preferred to travel there by air from Kuala Lumpur, when this island is close to the border to Thailand… and has its own airport. Langkawi is not as busy as Penang nor as quiet as Redang, but has all ingredients needed for a top notch island experience. There are tons of things to do their including riding cable car, walking on a sky bridge, visiting waterfalls, experience traditional Malaysian villages, island hopping, and so on. Nothing to complain about here, except I had some terrible eye infection once I was there, I won’t recommend doing the same. Not the islands fault… I just need to fill out words. If someone paid me for writing I would go into details about my eye infection, but I won’t, the pain forced me to scream at people, it wasn’t nice, now I said that, learned from my experience I did, yes.


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