Finally some updates from Linus. He has not uploaded his blog in ages and doesn’t feel bad about it. To please hungry readers he decided to go to Kerala to have a reason to blog. The trip was indeed pleasant including cheap but low-quality cashew nuts, everlasting rides in buses, and incredible astonishing nature.

Kerala can be found in the southwest part of India and is together with Goa and Taj Mahal the most popular tourist destinations in the country. What makes Kerala such a great tourist trap is the many beaches, backwaters, hill stations, and wildlife… and on top of that the amazing Indian weather of sun but only sun sun sun and 25-40 degrees Celsius.

Linus himself was awarded with the beauty of Munnar, an epic and truly handsome hill station in the north of Kerala famous for its enormous amount of tea plantages covering the hills of the mountains. Around 200 km south Alleppey’s backwaters welcome visitors to jump into their own private boathouse together with 3-4 staffs who will serve them throughout the trip of 1-3 days around small and wide open canals. Last, in the almost very south of India Poovar opens up for still hungry eyes who are looking for fabulous beaches and even more backwaters.

No one will ever be disappointed going to Kerala (well maybe during monsoon season) as a tourist or local and it should be mandatory on the list of must-see-places of India. Spectating the scenery of the green and delectable tea plantages from the narrow roads up to Munnar, staying overnight in your own boathouse where fishermen’s are your friendly neighbors on the water selling you tiger prawns and other delicatessens from the sea, or watching the colorful and enchanting Indian sunset or sunrise from the beach will all engrave a permanent smile for the rest of your life.

munnar view munnar mountain munnar road children munnar bee hives

munnar boat munnar forest

munnar lake jump munnar indain bhaiyas indian beggar kerela backwater_ relax boat backwater kerela house backwater kerela boat cruise kerela kerela fisherman sunset backwater estuary island resort pool estuary island beach resort kerela tiger prawns kerela kerela tiger prawn beach estuary island resorthigh water kerela beach kerela island kerela kerela sunset backwater india sunset kovalam


  1. Hey Linus

    Admit you’ve shamelessly stolen all those pictures or you’ll have to confess as to who that beauty in one of the last pictures is 😉
    How’s life? Isn’t it mandatory to write some sort of conclusion – pros and cons neatly listed – of live in India and offer your dear readers an outlook of the future? Anything else would be indecent wouldn’t you say?

    Anways, just came back from a month in Beijing, had a great time with too much work and too little free time, but am looking forward to going back soon.



    1. Hey Simon!

      nice to hear from you again and that you are enjoying Asia too 🙂
      yes before I departure I will defenitaly write a summary of my experiences in India.
      Regarding more information about the beauty of this country we should catch up one day. been a long time since Tokyo 🙂

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