It was Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving, a week ago. That meant no class until Thursday and a chance for me to go to Busan and visit two Japanese friends. Busan is the next biggest city in Korea located south east next to the sea and the has the fifth largest port in the world. The city is also famous for their many beaches, especially in the summer time. If you like me get the high speed train it takes about three hours to travel there. And if you take the slow train, like I also did on the way back because all the other trains where full booked, expect a six hours long and exciting train ride back to Seoul.

When the city is huge and I only stayed for one night I focused on the area around the main station not to get too lost. There were two major characteristics of the city, shopping and fish markets. There where shopping everywhere, over the ground in huge but narrow shopping streets and in big malls, or under the ground in even bigger underground shopping malls and tunnels that was also connected with the subway lines. About the fish markets, they where located to the seaside and you could walk hundreds of hundreds of meters and enjoy the smell of seafood. I would recommend anyone to go to the fish market and pick some nice looking, fresh, and living seafood for your lunch and then get a table and wait for the food to be prepared and ready for eating.

Unfortunately one and a half day in Busan is not enough but as a foreigner you can always go with the shuttle bus from Seoul for free on weekdays so I’ll be back.

The train to Busan had a few seats over

The beach in Busan had some space over even if it was a nice day with plus 30 degrees celsius and complete sunshine

Instead people prefer go shopping

Dried squid turned out to be a classic in Busan

If you are tired of shopping then go to the fish markets

We picked our own fish, snail, and crab for lunch

I tried to kill some time eating ice cream. This one was too big for me and was impossible to finish even if I tried my very  best 

Excellent fast food restaurant near Seomyeon. Homemade riceballs was hen hao chi!

Oooh, a coffee shop named after me!

After looking at the tourist map I decided that I needed to find the lighthouse. I was in a hurry, it was hot, uphill, far away, I had lots of clothes, I got very tired. On the way back I took a tivoli train and was happy again

Looking down from the lighthouse the world feels so small

Never seen so many ships as in Busan

Outdoor gyms in the park. Mostly old Korean use this to build muscles

When it is Chuseok then it is time for rest

No work! Sleep, sleep!

Busan is so relaxed…

Small fish harbor

A friendly guy on the street confronted me and said I was a very handsome man. But then it turned out he was a big liar and after he gave me this gift

Water show at Busan train station


  1. Tänkte samma sak som johan. Du är sjukt duktig på att fota! tänkte även att jsg saknade dig men framförallt att du tar bra kort! Haha.

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