A fantastic summer ended 10 days ago when I had to fly to Seoul, Korea to start my next semester. The last days in Taiwan I finally made myself up to the Taipei 101, the world biggest building some years ago. The view is nice and there is an even more nice food court in the basement that is worth visiting. I also did some small trips outside Taipei plus hiking around in the mountains in the city. My Chinese pronunciation slightly improved the last month and I learned some nice Chinese songs that we practiced in the karaoke room in the school.

Some final words should be given to Taiwan. The country really surprised me with the beautiful nature, excellent food, modern and convenient infra structure, awesome and cheap clubs, and with a living capital city that never sleeps. I still feel Taiwan have so much more to offer and many more places to explore and this is not the last time I will visit this country.

And yes, I am in Seoul now and will make some real posts later next week.

The worlds next tallest building Taipei 101 can be seen from almost everywhere in Taipei

If you walk up to The Elephant Mountain you will have a great view over the city

508 meter tall is too much for the competitors in the surrounding area

At the top of Taipei 101. It takes around 30 seconds to go up with the high speed elevator with a speed of 1014 meters/minute. 

A huge golden bolt inside Taipei 101 symbolize the success of building the tower

We where a little bit sad when we realized a fence was holding us back from doing something crazy on the top of the tower

Mirror photo, again

Lavender cottage outside Hsinchu

It’s lavender time!!

I prayed to some spirits so that I could be sure that my Chinese would be more awesome

There is no real post without a toilet photo. This particular one had no window for example. So nice, so nice

Watch out for angry snakes and bee’s!

I still smell lavender after the lavender-shower

The only real Swedish restaurant in Taipei if you don’t count in IKEA

Smashed potato, lingonsylt, brunsås, and deer meat Wallenbergare. “Swe-dish”

I’m not sure if this bridge is working today or if anyone did what someone should have done 50 years ago and renovated it

Taiwanese markets are always nice to go to

Taiwan has a lot of street dogs. They are all very well behaved and will not harm anyone. And Taiwanese dogs don’t have rabies which is nice to know when a pack of dogs surprisingly attacks you

Orange bananas, mmmm

Don’t forget to get a haircut in Taipei. It is very much not expensive and includes brain massage if you pay one or two Euros extra

I was back in Maokong and this time I headed into the jungle

There are probably 20 snakes and 500 spiders hiding in the bushes in this photo

A tea farm in the middle of nowhere

Mini waterfalls deserves to have a closer look at

I can’t tell anything special about this photo but a liked the water drops so here they are

Final destination: temple inside mountain + waterfall

Great place worth visiting


Can’t get enough of the waterfall

Heidi and Lucy had a great time 

After a night out it could be nice to visit some 24 hours restaurant at five in the morning

Me and Steves favorite restaurant around NCCU. The Ji rou gai fun is sublime

And then the sun went down for the last time in Taiwan this summer


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